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Offering expertise in all phases of commercial systems. Keeps you operating efficiently with safety. Let us see if we can save you on electrical systems costs and billing.

Let GOMEZ ELECTRIC Certified Commercial Planner work with you for best possible results in all phases of electrical from construction, maintaince, trouble shooting and data communications.

Up to date on new codes, title 24s, safety rules and building codes – we make it our business to understand your electric business and requirements.

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  • Ballast /Lamp Replacing

    Simply replacing the fluorescent tube will normally get the light working again; however, if the new tube doesn’t light up when installed, it may be that the ballast is faulty. An electronic ballast operates at a high frequency to reduce light bulb flickering and noise. The electrodes used in a modern ballast create less heat and use less power than older style ballasts. Because of the reduced heat load, a ballast manufactured with modern electrodes lasts longer. Replacing an older ballast with one manufactured with modern electronics lowers that light’s energy usage between 12 and 30 percent.

  • Fixture Evaluation

     Let GOMEZ ELECTRIC evaluate all your fixtures for optimizing your energy billing as they have saved thousands of dollars for their clients.

  • Temporary Power

    GOMEZ ELECTRIC will set up temporary power & lighting for all kinds of conditions as construction.
  • Fire Alarm

    From high end commercial to home safety is job one and GOMEZ ELECTRIC knows about all types of fire alarms.
  • Data/Communication

    From the complex to the simple GOMEZ ELECTRIC is up to date on the latest technologies for data communications.
  • Isolated Ground For Computer Circuits

    There are several variations on the requirements of an isolated ground system. If a piece of computer equipment requires IG contact GOMEZ ELECTRIC for the know how in proper connectivity.
  • Air Conditioner Disconnects

  • Sign Repair

  • Electrical Safe-Off For Demo