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Christmas Lights Tulsa

Christmas Lights Tulsa

Each year during the Christmas season, while millions are celebrating the festivities of the holiday, thousands of people are recovering from injuries as a result of falls from ladders and other injuries sustained by improperly hanging Christmas lights in Tulsa and around the country. GreenPro Lighting Services wants you to stay safe this year so you can spend time with family and friends celebrating Christmas. Contact us for Christmas lights installation in Tulsa- it’s never too early to start planning your outdoor decorations.

4 Tips to Safely Install Christmas Lights

1. Stay off of ladders. If you’re unable to reach an area inside or outside of your home, call in a professional from GreenPro or keep lights under 6 feet in height. A single fall from a ladder can cost you an average of $30,000 in medical bills and take months to heal from.

Hire GreenPro for roofline lighting, tree wrapping, and yard decorations when you want exceptional results; our Tulsa Christmas lights and decoration installers are experienced in working on ladders.

2. Don’t keep light strings more than 2 years old. Mice and squirrels can nibble away on wiring while your Christmas decorations are in storage and render your lights a fire hazard. Always check light strings carefully for damage before plugging them in.

Outsource Tulsa Christmas decoration services to GreenPro Lighting Services this year and avoid having to store decorations from year to year. Best of all, you’ll have the added option of changing your display each holiday season.

3. Keep extension cords off of the ground and use quality cords to connect light strings. Overloading a circuit can lead to dangerous sparks and a risk of fire; additionally, areas where cords connect may end up on the ground where rain water pools or melted snow collects- both of which are dangerous situations.

If you’re not experienced in hanging Christmas lights in Tulsa, you can contact one of the most reputable festive light decoration companies in the area: GreenPro Lighting Services. We can install a safe Christmas display this year that will turn heads and create many smiles from passers-by.

4. Never connect more than three strings of Christmas lights into one extension cord. Christmas lights are reported to cause 40% of fires during the Christmas season. Be safe and use a power strip with a built-in circuit breaker- or contact GreenPro Lighting Services to eliminate the worries involved in planning for a safe light display.

There’s certainly a lot to consider before you start hanging lights around your home. You can protect your property and family by hiring our professionals to design and install your Christmas lights. One of the best reasons to hire GreenPro is that we’re available year-round, so you won’t have to wait to begin planning for a bright home at Christmastime.

Contact our team for new ideas or pricing by calling 918-779-8982 or get in touch with us through our website. Check out some of our handiwork by visiting our online portfolio.

Christmas Lights Tulsa
Christmas Light Installation GreenPro Lighting Services
Christmas Lights Tulsa
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Christmas Lights Tulsa

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