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Article provided by: Drake Lighting, Inc.

High Intensity Obstruction Light

High Intensity Obstruction Light
In Aviation, it is essential to have a safe view of all paths.  We take the safety of all traveling, in aviation, very importantly.  We offer high intensity obstruction lighting, to help prevent a possible collision.    High intensity obstruction lighting should maintain a bright light that could be seen for miles.
We feature high-intensity obstruction lighting that can be easy to order, handle and install.  Our team is prepared to assist you with more knowledge regarding lighting requirements. 
Drake lighting is based out of Mayfield, Kentucky, and is determined to provide their best customer service to their clients.  Passion for innovative lighting solutions contributes to a high-intensity obstruction light, which will maintain the brightness required for more safe aviation travel.
Each product is designed to meet a specific style for obstruction lighting requirements.  Your high-Intensity lights could include FAA style B, C, F, and G.
High-Intensity FAA Style B (L-856 | L-865)
Our High-intensity FAA style B, L-856 & L-865, have features which include light output, electrical value, mechanical value and operating temperature.    
For light output, the lamp type would be LED.  The light color is white in the day and the night.  The effective intensity is 270,000 cd in the daytime, 20,000 cd during twilight hours, and 2,000 cd at night. 
Horizontal coverage is at 120 degrees, and the vertical beam is 3 degrees.
The electrical value for power consumption is 280 watts with power requirements being 240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Mechanical Value has a PS weight of 44 pounds; rack dimensions are 23” X 87” X 31 ½”.  The FH weight is 55 lbs with FH dimensions being 34” x 16 1/2'” x 12 ½”.
The operating temperature is -40 degrees to 131 degrees.  This operating temperature makes your light good for most environments of need.
High-Intensity FAA Style C (L-856 | L-865)
Light output is the same as FAA Style B.  Horizontal coverage includes 120 degrees and 360 degrees and a vertical beam of 3 degrees.
The electrical value is also the same as FAA style B.
The mechanical value includes AOL FH weight of 24 lbs and dimensions of 19” diameter x 14.25.”
The operating temperature is the same as FAA style B, -40 degrees to 131 degrees.
High-Intensity FAA Style F (L-856 | L-865 | L-864)
Light output is the same except for night lighting being red.  Horizontal coverage is that same as FAA style C.
The electrical value is the same as both FAA style B and C.
The mechanical value is the same as FAA style C.
The operating is the same as both FAA style B and C, for use in various locations.
High-Intensity FAA Style G (L-856 | L-865 | L-864)
Light Output is the same as FAA style F.
The electrical value is the same as all the above styles.  Horizontal coverage is the same as FAA style B.
The mechanical value is the same as style B.
With our range of high-intensity obstruction light, you’re sure to find what is needed from Drake Lighting.
High Intensity Obstruction Light

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High Intensity Obstruction Light

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