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Gomez Electric professionals have a complete knowledge of all your electric requirements. They work with you to coordinate timing of family schedules and any other special requirements.  Safety of children, elders, pets and furniture is critical to our technicians.

  • Panel Upgrades

    Good safety protocol to insure electrical panel safety is an inspection by GOMEZ ELECTRIC. Checking for proper distribution of energy saves money and keeps things running efficiently.  Depending on what you’ve added to your home energy source over the years as new appliances, machinery, room additions and new out door lighting you maybe causing over loading of your circuitry leading to draining and shorten the life of your wiring thus creating unsafe conditions.

  • Recessed Lighting

    Properly distributed light is a mood changer and recessed lighting is an exceptional source of proper lighting.  It’s been scientifically proven that correct lighting creates better living and working conditions. Productivity and happier families.  Let GOMEZ ELECTRIC professionals help create proper lighting design and offer a wide variety of fixtures.  They will plan and execute the plan and in no time you will have want you have what you have dreamt of and more than likely cost savings on your electric bill. The above video shows how you can install them. Call GOMEZ ELECTRIC lighting for expert advise and installs.reccessed

  • Code Correction

    Codes are designed for safety.  We all want safety first and GOMEZ ELECTRIC savvy expertise will insure job one from obtaining permits, completing the work to the final inspections with residential, commercial and industrial.  GOMEZ ELECTRIC is up to date on Title 24, most recent codes for first hand knowledge and knows several inspectors.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Lines

    GOMEZ ELECTRIC plans and installs indoor and out door electrical lines.  Customizing all features.
  • Outlets & Switches

    Upgrades and in-wall configurations are best left to the expert as easy as it looks. Looks easy enough but they are configured to a certain electrical wiring plan that the electrician understands and can do quickly and efficiently.Light Switch
  • Landscape & Malibu Lighting

    Setting the mood, creating ambiance, there is nothing better than sitting in the yard at night with a warm breeze viewing a lit flower garden, light dancing on trees from the breeze with colored lighting dancing on the water…. it’s vacation!  We are fortunate to live in Southern California and our out doors live styles lend to enjoying our pool side or back yard BBQs and evening parties or simply quiet peaceful environment.  Gomez Electric full understands design, proper light and implementation of creating this for just for you and be very cost efficient. landscape
  • Exhaust Fans

    From choosing the correct exhaust fan to installation you want it done correctly.  This is another ‘weekend’ project that maybe could use an expert from GOMEZ ELECTRIC.  Replacing or new installs GOMEZ ELECTRIC experts understand all phases and perform installs quickly and efficiently.exhaust
  • New Interior & Exterior Lighting

    Exciting to revamp your interior and/or exterior lighting as it may well be like having a new home!   Having lighting in all the right places, creating ambiance, and better functionality of space.  This offers greater enjoyment in work and play with more safety.  GOMEZ ELECTRIC offers classic, traditional and high-end contemporary style.  They works hand and hand with you for job one! kitchengomzedid_small
  • Outdoor Convenience Receptacles

    Gomez will configure wiring as merging of electrical sources for receptacles require a pros touch!  As our life styles add more and more unique electrical products, we require a higher set of receptacles to hold them.  They work with all types of configurations of outdoor convenience receptacles.outdoor_plug
  • Data & Communications

    From the complex to the simple GOMEZ ELECTRIC is up to date on the latest technologies for data communications.Disconnect
  • Smoke Detectors

    Hard-wired smoke detectors are the law.  Where battery operated receptacles can stop working and hard wired smoke detectors will not.   They offer a wide variety of smoke detectors or will install yours.iStock_000023031511XSmall
  • Appliance Circuits

    Appliances as refrigerators, stoves and the like have to have their own dedicated circuit and GOMEZ ELECTRIC will design connect to an appliance circuit for you.
  • Ground Fault Interruption Circuits

    GFCI devices to protect you in your home, office, construction site, or wherever you use electrical products in damp or wet locations. These devices are designed to reduce the occurrences of serious injury or death associated with electrical accidents. Whether you need a GFCI Box-Mount Receptacle, Portable Cord Set or Field-Wireable unit, Leviton has a GFCI device that meets your needs. All of GFCI products conform to the latest industry standards as outlined by OSHA, UL, CSA, NEC and others.
  • T.V. Mounts

    GOMEZ ELECTRIC Certified Electricians are trained to handle all types of TV installations.iStock_000008576627XSmall
  • House Rewiring

    Rewiring a home is sometimes required.  Wires wear out and can become a safety issue or they are out of code.  Or you’ve added new appliances that require an updated system.  Either way GOMEZ ELECTRIC specializes in trouble shooting and resolve to all rewiring.