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Whether you're a residential home or comercial business, we are ready to help you with your issue or project.

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ca certified General Contractor Class B | C10 #938757

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We're licensed, bonded, insured for your safety and equipped with efficient procedures.

Highest Level of Service

As a local business, we are extremely accessible and active in the Los Angeles Community.


We have worked with many residential and commercial clients, so we understand what's needed.

End-to-end planning

Gomez Builders & Contractors founders Alex and Erik Gomez, are CA licensed and bonded general contractors and electricians that have been working in the commercial and residential industry for over 38 years.

We have an expansive team of certified employees and subcontractors who have a successful work history servicing over 300 commercial properties.

We are available for any of your project needs around the clock. Our strength lies not only in construction expertise but also in clear communication with clients.






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Class-leading service and procedures

Not only do we install or replace electrical wiring, upgrade electrical panels, and much more. We also suggest ways so you can effectively manage your electric bills. Whether you’re living in a small residence in Los Angeles or running a business in Buena Park, Santa Clarita, you’ll find our electrical services very helpful and practical.

All of our employees are certified CA electricians and are guaranteed to offer high quality services. Whether the project is large or small we can put a team together that you can trust to offer quality work with unbeatable prices.